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Print or email any report, for any job, including attachments, in 30 seconds.

That's right. The CTIS System allows you to easily print or email reports. For example:

Our system allows you to quickly and efficiently enter professional reports that will impress your clients as well as capturing billing information to be processed into invoices on a schedule you define.

Improve your billing efficiency. As reports are entered, billing information is captured based on the rates you setup for each job and the type of report being entered.

Attachments are scanned when the report is entered, so no more collating attachments with the outgoing reports.

Swift report delivery. Reports, along with their attachments are emailed to the distribution list. Most emails are delivered in minutes.

Save Labor. If you cannot use email delivery or the client wants hard copy, reports are printed by distribution – all reports for the same person on the same job are together – this speeds up stuffing envelopes and saves postage.

Save money by using email. Given the cost of postage, envelopes and paper, each report emailed saves at least $0.50.

Quickly set up billing rates. Rates can be copied for a standard job or from another client's job.

Get invoices in the hands of your clients faster. Invoices can be emailed to anyone on the distribution list. Also, anyone on the distribution list can receive a copy of the invoice (with a watermark saying that it is a copy).

PDF format insures everyone can read your reports. The PDF format is supported by virtually every computer system. Windows, Mac, Linux, they can all read PDF documents.

Reprint any report any time.

Burn a CD of all reports for a job. All reports for a Job can produced at any time, for either emailing or to be burned on a CD or DVD.

Daily Break Sheet. Produce a break sheet for use by the lab in breaking cylinders, cores, etc.

Eliminate clients getting reports with errors. The system produces an 'Office Copy' of every report, for review by your staff. If the report needs correction, they can be made and a new revision of the report is automatically created.

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