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Organizations tend to grow and prosper as they gain a better understanding of their environment. Traverse offers several reporting tool options that deliver vital information quickly and accurately, critical to the success of your business.

With these tools you can:

Business Intelligence tools for TRAVERSE include:

Digital Dashboard

Included with System Manager, Digital Dashboard gives you an executive snapshot of key business indicators. You can personalize Digital Dashboard using over 35 pre-defined business metrics.


Synoptix for TRAVERSE from CompuSoft Development is a complete solution for enterprise report writing and drill down analysis. It encompasses end-to-end reporting capabilities and delivers everything from financial and operational reporting to advanced budgeting capabilities.


BizNet Software designs and distributes Excel-based reporting and business intelligence for businesses seeking real time data consolidation and reporting in an easy to use suite of tools. BizNet Software uses the power of Microsoft Excel® to create reports and the company's own Excel Suite to connect, analyze, and share real time information in a drag and drop user environment.


KISS (Keep It Simple Spreadsheet)

Bring your TRAVERSE data into Excel with the click of a button. See only the fields you want to see.

Simple and easy to use SELECT statements gather your TRAVERSE data from views that are standard in your installation. As with everything, one size does not fit all. You may have requirements that are different than everyone else. We can help by creating a custom view or stored procedure that returns whatever data you need for significantly less than the cost of a custom report. With KISS you have the vehicle to run these stored procedures with date parameters to limit the data returned.