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TRAVERSE is a flexible, adaptable software suite that leverages the rich information, processes, and competitive advantages that make your company unique. TRAVERSE was designed to empower you to adapt the software to meet your specific needs while minimizing the need for Information Technology resources.

Building on real-world, industry experience

We have helped many companies in numerous industries with their accounting, distribution, and ERP needs. TRAVERSE represents the best practices of their experience, talent, and innovation. Created to manage the needs of change and to change when needed, TRAVERSE was built to be personalized to your specific needs. A system designed to help people do their jobs better.

Delivering enterprise-wide software modules

From core accounting to handheld devices, TRAVERSE offers a wide variety of complete modules. With over 40 software applications, you get the specific functionality you need while enjoying integration and interoperability across all departments. Click on the links below to find out how TRAVERSE offers:

Personalize your business software for ultimate usability

You are free to quickly and efficiently adapt the business software into the solution that your organization has always wanted.